About the show

Guided By Voices are my favorite band.

This podcast is my way of sharing my love for GBV, as well as trying to figure out why it is that I like these guys so damn much. What makes them tick? Where did they come from? Will they ever stop?

In each podcast I’ll take an in-depth look at the history and context behind one of their records. I’ll talk about how each LP was made, the songs it contains, its sound and where it fits into the Guided By Voices universe. I’ll also occasionally offer personal thoughts, anecdotes, and criticism. And I’m going in chronological order, starting with their 1987 debut.

I’m only going to talk about the “regular” Guided By Voices records (twenty-five at last count). I won’t be dealing with EPs, singles, or compilations except in how they relate to or have an impact on an LP. I also won’t be dealing with any of Pollard’s solo stuff, or side projects by Bob or anyone else in the band (as much as I love Tobin Sprout).

A new episode will be uploaded every two weeks until we get through them all (it’s going to take all year). Hope you like it. Also, this is me.

Past episodes